/10 Cool Instagram Tips and Tricks You Should Know

10 Cool Instagram Tips and Tricks You Should Know

Instagram is a repository of creative images and videos. In a very short period of time, Instagram has grown up to be one of the massive social network for Smartphones. It is an excellent place for casual photographers to express their skills. Many people use Instagram as a marketing tool to promote their business.

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The thing is, except some of the power users, most of the people just share and browse images on their feed and leave the app. Actually, there are plenty of tricks available for Instagram to make your profile more interesting and gain more audience to your posts. Scroll down to read some of the cool tricks you can do, to boost your Instagram account.

1. Captions and Hashtag

The first and foremost thing is, the Captions and the Hashtags you type while posting the images. A simple caption and right hashtags will definitely bring more likes and followers to your account. Find the popular hashtags related to the image you’re sharing and add them in the caption while posting the image. Also, the new update for Instagram, lets you edit the captions and hashtags after you post the image. To do that, open your image, then tap on the three vertical dots and select edit option from the pop-up menu. 


2. Use Images of Any Size

Previously, users can share images only in Square format. So, people used to add white spaces to their portraits and landscape images to fit into a square. The latest update allows lets you post any type of image to your instagram feed. To do that, just tap the “Frame Icon” in the bottom left corner while choosing an image. The image will be adjusted automatically as shown in the screenshot below.


3. Quickly Access Pictures from your Gallery

Most of us don’t take a picture from the Instagram camera, we used to shoot in our native camera app and select the picture from our Gallery. So, instead of opening the Instagram Camera and selecting the Gallery icon from there, you’ve a simple trick to directly access the recent images on your device. Just long press the Camera icon on the homepage, it will quickly pop-up a window with all the recent images from your Gallery.


4. Use Instagram as an Image Editor

Apart from a social network, Instagram is a very good image editing application. The inbuilt tools and filters will let you create dramatic effects on your images in just seconds. To do that, first turn off the internet connection in your device and start editing the image as you normally do. After you complete editing, tap the share icon at the top right corner. Due to lack of connectivity, your edited image will not be posted and saved in your gallery.


5. Add Multiple Accounts

The latest update for Instagram brought the Multiple Account Accessing feature to the Instagram app. You can add up to 5 different accounts in the application. The Add Account option will be available in the Settings menu on the app. To switch between your account, go to your profile page and tap on the username and select the account you need to open. This feature will be very helpful for people who would like to maintain their personal and business profiles separately.


6. Master the Comment Section

In iOS, to reply to a specific user in the comments, instead of typing their @username, just tap and hold on the username of the person, it will open a new thread automatically with their username on it. To reply or delete a comment, just swipe left to do it. In Android, just tap on the comment thread, it will open reply, report and delete options in a separate menu above.


7. Take Steady Videos

Hyperlapse (for iOS Only) is one of the add-on application from Instagram, which lets you shoot steady videos in any moving condition. If you don’t have optical image stabilization in your device, Hyperlapse will be very helpful in capturing a non-shaky video. Also, the inbuilt video editor will let you instantly edit, trim and add filters to your video.


8. Use Instagram Add-ons to Create Collages and GIFs

Apart from Hyperlapse, there are two other built-in add-ons from Instagram you can download for free. They are Layout and Boomerang. Layout makes collages in different patterns to combine your multiple images. If you are a collage lover, then it is a must have app on your device. Boomerang helps you make GIFs using multiple images. Instead of fifteen seconds video, you can create GIFs of a repeated action to post on your timeline. You can download both the apps from the Play Store and App Store for Android and iOS respectively.


9. Link and Share in your other Social Accounts

Instagram lets you connect your Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Tumblr accounts to your Instagram app. This allows you to share the same image in Instagram and in your other social accounts simultaneously. Sharing the images in other social accounts will bring more audience and likes to your images. Either you can share the image while posting on Instagram or you can share it later from your profile.


10. Perfect your Images using Third Party Add-ons

The native tools and add-ons in the Instagram are good enough to create a beautiful image, but there are plenty of third party apps available to perfect your image. VSCO Cam and Snapseed are among them. VSCO Cam has plenty of professional presets, which gives a different look and feel from the native instagram filters. Snapseed helps you to fine tune your photographs with its great control over the filters. The interface of both the apps is pretty simple and easy to understand for all types of users.


Did I missed any of your favorite tricks for Instagram? Feel free to share it in the comment section below. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends!

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