/8th Annual iPhone Photography Awards 2015 Winners [Images]

8th Annual iPhone Photography Awards 2015 Winners [Images]

iPhone Photography Awards is one of the popular events run by IPPAwards every year since 2007, exclusively for iPhone Photographers. The rules are, the images should be taken and edited only with the iPhone, and the contestant should not use any other image editing applications. Also, the images should be submitted in original resolution. The entry fees may vary according to the number of photos you submit. You can submit any number of Photographs and there are no limitations.

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There will be 18 different categories to submit images for the contest. Photographs which didn’t fit into those 18 categories, can be submitted in Others section. The Winners of the 8th Annual iPhone Photography Awards were announced recently on the website. There will be three prizes given for each category and best three photographs will be selected for Photographer of the year awards. Winners of each category will get gold bars as their prize. Here’s the Photographs of 8th IPPAwards Winners.

Photographer of the Year – 1st Place

Photograph by Michal Koralewski

Photographer of the Year – 2nd Place

Photograph by David Craik

Photographer of the Year – 3rd Place

Photograph by Yvonne Lu

Abstract – 1st Place

Photograph by Ben Schuyler

Animals – 1st Place

Photograph by Sephi Bergerson

Architecture – 1st Place

Photograph by Christian Frank

Children – 1st Place

Photograph by Jeremy Kern

Flowers – 1st Place

Photograph by Amy Paterson

Food – 1st Place

Photograph by Xu Lin

Landscape – 1st Place

Photograph by Chris Belcina

Life Style – 1st Place

Photograph by Fabio Alvarez

Nature – 1st Place

Photograph by Yvonne Naughton

News/Events – 1st Place

Photograph by Jesse Alkire

Others – 1st Place

Photograph by Jose Luis Saez Martinez

Panorama – 1st Place

Photograph by Andre Malerba

People – 1st Place

Photograph by Song Han

Portrait – 1st Place

Photograph by Daniele Colombera

Seasons – 1st Place

Photograph by Heather Goss

I’ve listed only the photographs which secured 1st place in each category and you can see the rest of the photographs in IPPAwards website. Also, there will be a section called Honorable Mentions, to highlight photographs that are worth mentioning other than the winners. As soon as the 8th IPPAwards winners were announced, the submissions for 9th Annual IPPAwards has been started. The deadline for the contest is March 31, 2016.

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