/Polarr is a Free, Online Image Editor and Alternative to Lightroom

Polarr is a Free, Online Image Editor and Alternative to Lightroom

Online image editing is simple, fun and saves a lot of space on your computer. Today, we have plenty of browser-based image editors on the web, which offers professional quality tools and options for free. It will be very helpful for beginners to quickly learn the photo editing techniques before purchasing the professional tools.

Polarr, is one such free browser-based image editor for both beginners and professionals. The new Polarr photo editor 2.0 was released a couple of months back and it is an excellent alternative for Lightroom. This new web app is powered by HTML5/WebGL Technology, which makes it work smoothly on Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers. The built-in intelligent processing engine will quickly understand user’s style and taste to render high resolution edited images.


Polarr’s new version has got a brand new design from its previous look and three important features have been added to the new update.

RAW Image Support

RAW is one of the commonly used file formats by the professional photographers. It lets you edit every single detail of an image without losing its quality. The recent update for Polarr adds the RAW image editing option in the web app. Since, RAW file format will have a slight variation for different camera brands, it supports all the popular RAW format files from Canon, Nikon, Sony, FujiFilm, Pansonic and Olympus Cameras.

There are no restrictions on the file size or the number of images you can upload, but the resolution of the image should not be more than 30 Mega Pixels.

Persistent Editing History Feature

Similar to Photoshop and other professional image editing tools, the new Polar web app will remember your complete editing history and you can easily go back to any point of your editing with just a click. Even if you close the browser or restart the computer, your image will be saved automatically and you can resume the editing process from where you’ve left. If you are working with multiple images, the web app will remember edit history of all the previously edited images as well.


Lightroom Style Control Interface

If you have used Lightroom, the options on the Control Interface will look familiar to you. The BASIC Options like adjusting Exposure, Highlights, Shadows, Clarity, etc., will be available on the right sidebar. Below that you can see the Tone Curves, HSL, Split Toning, Lens Correction, etc.. There will be presets available in a couple of rows in the left sidebar. It works similar to filters in other photo editors. Either you can apply presets from that list or create your own custom preset to use it in different images.


The top menu bar will give you the details of the uploaded image and have options to hide/show the left menu bar, zoom in and zoom out, etc.. You can also use your Scroll button on the mouse to zoom in and zoom out the current image on the screen.

Another important section of Polarr, which is very useful for beginners is the, “Instructions” section on the top right corner. It has a complete tutorial and demo of all the important image editing options. Beginners can utilize that and learn the functions of each option in the image editor.


Polarr Photo Editor 2, is also available for Google Chrome. You can download the app to your PC or Mac using the “Chrome App Launcher” and keep a shortcut on your desktop for quick access. An important advantage of having the app in your desktop is, you can access the image editor even when you are not connected to the internet.

You don’t need to sign up on Polarr’s website to use the application. So, hit the link below and start editing your images right away. No matter, you are a beginner or a professional photographer, you will definitely love this app. Feel free to share your views about Polarr in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

Go to Polarr | Polarr Photo Editor 2.0

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