Download 60 Stunning Polyscape HD Wallpapers for Desktop

Polyscapes are nothing but a simple design created by combining multiple images in a geometrical form or by projecting a part of the image in a geometrical shape. These Polyscape images can be easily created with the help of any advanced image editing application and Photoshop is a best tool for that. There are plenty of tutorials available on YouTube to create your own Polyscape wallpaper. Read More

20 Cool Hover Effects Created Using CSS

CSS is the Magic wand for Web Designers. Any ordinary text or an image in a webpage can be enhanced with the help of CSS effects. The basic image hover effects can be easily creating using Pure CSS modules, but when you want to create a really unique and outstanding animation, then you definitely need some help from the Javascript and other programs. Read More

34 Super Useful Infographics and Cheatsheets for Photographers

Learning and Practice is the key to success in any field and Photography is not an exception for that. Apart from the Creativity and the Perspective of a Photographer, learning key techniques and exploring different methods are also equally important. There are plenty of free resources available on the internet to learn photography, but more than text and video tutorials, Infographics and Cheat Sheets will quickly reach people and make them easily understand the content. Read More

10+ Simple Illustrations Shows the Difference Between a Startup and an MNC

Work Culture in a Startup and an MNC are miles apart. We all know the corporate giants like Google and Apple were started in a small car garage. Many people took that as an inspiration and started their own company in the place they can afford. When compared to a grown Multinational Company, the dress code, team discussions, work timings, etc., will be completely different in a Startup. Read More

15+ Best Apple Watch PSD Mockups you can Download for Free

Finally, Apple watches coming to stores by the end of next month along with the new 12-inch MacBook. Since we got the official announcement of Apple Watches in the September event, designers and app developers started designing the GUI Kits, Icons and Mock-ups of the new Apple Watch a long back. In this time span of six months, designers and UX developers have come up with some of the best creative designs for different categories of Apple Watches and icons. Read More

30+ Home Office Setup Ideas to Improve your Productivity

People who regularly work from home, need a good environment to work peacefully. Though, it looks more convenient and simple, working from home is not an easy task. If you don't set up a right environment, you will easily get distracted and it will affect your productivity. Read More