History of Photoshop [Infographic]

Photoshop is one of the most used design tools around the world. If you are a designer, I can safely bet that you've used Photoshop at least once in your life. The wide variety of features and the flexibility of the application made it popular among the design community. Recently, we've compared the features of Sketch and Photoshop CC to find the best tool for Web designers. Read More

SPOT UI KIT: Download 100+ PSD Elements for Free

User Interface plays an important role in web designing. A clean and clutter free UI is necessary to drag more attention to the product or the content of the website you need to promote. To get an awesome UI you don't need to do everything from the scratch, there are plenty of beautiful UI Kits available on the internet for free. Read More

Download 60 Stunning Polyscape HD Wallpapers for Desktop

Polyscapes are nothing but a simple design created by combining multiple images in a geometrical form or by projecting a part of the image in a geometrical shape. These Polyscape images can be easily created with the help of any advanced image editing application and Photoshop is a best tool for that. There are plenty of tutorials available on YouTube to create your own Polyscape wallpaper. Read More

20 Cool Hover Effects Created Using CSS

CSS is the Magic wand for Web Designers. Any ordinary text or an image in a webpage can be enhanced with the help of CSS effects. The basic image hover effects can be easily creating using Pure CSS modules, but when you want to create a really unique and outstanding animation, then you definitely need some help from the Javascript and other programs. Read More

20 Best Free Photoshop Actions for Photographers

Photoshop Actions and Lightroom Presets, are the inspirations for the concept of "Filters" in today's image editing applications. The concept is very simple, in post production instead of working on an image from scratch, you can achieve the effect you need with the help of these pre-loaded add-ons. Since, Photoshop and Lightroom are the most used professional image editing tools, there are tons and tons of actions and presets are available online for free. Read More

Difference between Sketch vs Photoshop [Infographic]

Bohemian's Sketch is one of the popular designing applications developed exclusively for Mac OS X. The latest version Sketch 3's features and functions were made more flexible and light-weight to give a comfortable work environment for the designers. Adobe Photoshop CC is one of the well known and powerful web designing applications available on the market. Though, we have plenty of professional designing tools available out there, still Photoshop is favorite for many designers. Read More

Polarr is a Free, Online Image Editor and Alternative to Lightroom

Online image editing is simple, fun and saves a lot of space on your computer. Today, we have plenty of browser-based image editors on the web, which offers professional quality tools and options for free. It will be very helpful for beginners to quickly learn the photo editing techniques before purchasing the professional tools. Read More

10+ Simple Posters shows the Difference between Illustrator and Photoshop

Illustrator is one of the popular vector based designing tools from Adobe, and it's a big competitor for the giant Corel Draw. Photoshop is like a magic wand for many designers out there, and it still remains, as the undisputed king of designing tools on the market.Though Illustrator and Photoshop are from the same roof, the fan boys always have some contradictions regarding the features and functions of both the applications. Read More